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Batt, Gregory ; Bradley, Jeremy T. ; Ewald, Roland ; Fages, Fran├žois ; Hermans, Holger ; Hillston, Jane ; Kemper, Peter ; Martens, Alke ; Mosterman, Pieter ; Nielson, Flemming ; Sokolsky, Oleg ; Uhrmacher, Adelinde M.

06161 Working Groups' Report: The Challlenge of Combining Simulation and Verification

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Simulation has found widespread use for experimentation and exploration
of the possible impacts of a variety of conditions on a system. In contrast,
formal verification is concerned with proving or disproving the correctness of
a system with respect to a certain property, using mathematical and logical

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Keywords: Modelling, Simulation, Verification, Systemsbiology
Collection: 06161 - Simulation and Verification of Dynamic Systems
Issue Date: 2006
Date of publication: 07.09.2006

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