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Leroux, Jérôme ; Sutre, Grégoire

Flat counter automata almost everywhere!

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This paper argues that flatness appears as a central notion in the
verification of counter automata. A counter automaton is called flat
when its control graph can be ``replaced'', equivalently w.r.t.
reachability, by another one with no nested loops.

From a practical view point, we show that flatness is a necessary and
sufficient condition for termination of accelerated symbolic model
checking, a generic semi-algorithmic technique implemented in
successful tools like FAST, LASH or TReX.

From a theoretical view point, we prove that many known semilinear
subclasses of counter automata are flat: reversal bounded counter
machines, lossy vector addition systems with states, reversible Petri nets,
persistent and conflict-free Petri nets, etc. Hence, for these subclasses,
the semilinear reachability set can be computed using a emph{uniform}
accelerated symbolic procedure (whereas previous algorithms were
specifically designed for each subclass).

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Keywords: Symbolic representation, Infinite state system, Acceleration, Meta-transition
Collection: 06081 - Software Verification: Infinite-State Model Checking and Static Program Analysis
Issue Date: 2006
Date of publication: 09.11.2006

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