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DOI: 10.4230/DARTS.3.2.11
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StiƩvenart, Quentin ; Nicolay, Jens ; De Meuter, Wolfgang ; De Roover, Coen

Mailbox Abstractions for Static Analysis of Actor Programs (Artifact)

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This artifact is based on Scala-AM, a static analysis framework relying on the Abstracting Abstract Machines approach. This version of the framework is extended to support actor-based programs, written in a variant of Scheme. The sound static analysis is performed in order to verify the absence of errors in actor-based program, and to compute upper bounds on actor's mailboxes. We developed several mailbox abstractions with which the static analysis can be run, and evaluate the precision of the technique with these mailbox abstractions. This artifact contains documentation on how to use analysis and on how to reproduce the results presented in the companion paper.

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Keywords: static analysis, abstraction, abstract interpretation, actors, mailbox
Collection: DARTS, Volume 3, Issue 2
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Issue Date: 2017
Date of publication: 20.06.2017

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