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Petricek, Tomas

Data Exploration through Dot-driven Development (Artifact)

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This artifact presents The Gamma, a simple programming environment for data exploration that uses member access as the primary mechanism for constructing queries. The artifact consists of two parts. The user facing web-based component allows users to explore a simple dataset of Olympic medal winners while a back-end service provides the data and evaluates queries executed by the user.

The purpose of the artifact is to illustrate the pivot type provider, which provides a simple way for constructing queries in a object-based programming language equipped with member access. The pivot type provider can be use to construct new queries from code or using the user interface, but it also encourages the user to modify existing code.

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Keywords: data science, type providers, pivot tables, aggregation
Collection: DARTS, Volume 3, Issue 2
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Issue Date: 2017
Date of publication: 20.06.2017

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