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Kumar, Mrinal ; Saptharishi, Ramprasad

An Exponential Lower Bound for Homogeneous Depth-5 Circuits over Finite Fields

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In this paper, we show exponential lower bounds for the class of homogeneous depth-5 circuits over all small finite fields. More formally, we show that there is an explicit family {P_d} of polynomials in VNP, where P_d is of degree d in n = d^{O(1)} variables, such that over all finite fields GF(q), any homogeneous depth-5 circuit which computes P_d must have size at least exp(Omega_q(sqrt{d})).

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first super-polynomial lower bound for this class for any non-binary field.

Our proof builds up on the ideas developed on the way to proving lower bounds for homogeneous depth-4 circuits [Gupta et al., Fournier et al., Kayal et al., Kumar-Saraf] and for non-homogeneous depth-3 circuits over finite fields [Grigoriev-Karpinski, Grigoriev-Razborov].

Our key insight is to look at the space of shifted partial derivatives of a polynomial as a space of functions from GF(q)^n to GF(q) as opposed to looking at them as a space of formal polynomials and builds over a tighter analysis of the lower bound of Kumar and Saraf [Kumar-Saraf].

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Keywords: arithmetic circuits, lower bounds, separations, depth reduction
Collection: 32nd Computational Complexity Conference (CCC 2017)
Issue Date: 2017
Date of publication: 01.08.2017

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