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Moreira, Orlando ; Popp, Merten ; Schulz, Christian

Graph Partitioning with Acyclicity Constraints

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Graphs are widely used to model execution dependencies in applications. In particular, the NP-complete problem of partitioning a graph under constraints receives enormous attention by researchers because of its applicability in multiprocessor scheduling. We identified the additional constraint of acyclic dependencies between blocks when mapping streaming applications to a heterogeneous embedded multiprocessor. Existing algorithms and heuristics do not address this requirement and deliver results that are not applicable for our use-case. In this work, we show that this more constrained version of the graph partitioning problem is NP-complete and present heuristics that achieve a close approximation of the optimal solution found by an exhaustive search for small problem instances and much better scalability for larger instances. In addition, we can show a positive impact on the schedule of a real imaging application that improves communication volume and execution time.

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Keywords: Graph Partitioning, Computer Vision and Imaging Applications
Collection: 16th International Symposium on Experimental Algorithms (SEA 2017)
Issue Date: 2017
Date of publication: 07.08.2017

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