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Hartig, Olaf ; Vidal, Maria-Esther ; Freytag, Johann-Christoph
Weitere Beteiligte (Hrsg. etc.): Olaf Hartig and Maria-Esther Vidal and Johann-Christoph Freytag

Federated Semantic Data Management (Dagstuhl Seminar 17262)

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This report documents the program and the outcomes of Dagstuhl Seminar 17262 "Federated Semantic Data Management" (FSDM). The purpose of the seminar was to gather experts from the Semantic Web and Database communities, together with experts from application areas, to discuss in-depth open issues that have impeded FSDM approaches to be used on a large scale. The discussions were centered around the following four themes, each of which was the focus of a separate working group: i) graph data models, ii) federated query processing, iii) access control and privacy, and iv) use cases and applications. The main outcome of the seminar is a deeper understanding of the state of the art and of the open challenges of FSDM.

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Keywords: Linked Data, Query Processing, RDF, SPARQL
Collection: Dagstuhl Reports, Volume 7, Issue 6
Issue Date: 2017
Date of publication: 21.12.2017

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