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Eiben, Eduard ; Kumar, Mithilesh ; Mouawad, Amer E. ; Panolan, Fahad ; Siebertz, Sebastian

Lossy Kernels for Connected Dominating Set on Sparse Graphs

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For alpha > 1, an alpha-approximate (bi-)kernel for a problem Q is a polynomial-time algorithm that takes as input an instance (I, k) of Q and outputs an instance (I',k') (of a problem Q') of size bounded by a function of k such that, for every c >= 1, a c-approximate solution for the new instance can be turned into a (c alpha)-approximate solution of the original instance in polynomial time. This framework of lossy kernelization was recently introduced by Lokshtanov et al. We study Connected Dominating Set (and its distance-r variant) parameterized by solution size on sparse graph classes like biclique-free graphs, classes of bounded expansion, and nowhere dense classes. We prove that for every alpha > 1, Connected Dominating Set admits a polynomial-size alpha-approximate (bi-)kernel on all the aforementioned classes. Our results are in sharp contrast to the kernelization complexity of Connected Dominating Set, which is known to not admit a polynomial kernel even on 2-degenerate graphs and graphs of bounded expansion, unless NP \subseteq coNP/poly. We complement our results by the following conditional lower bound. We show that if a class C is somewhere dense and closed under taking subgraphs, then for some value of r \in N there cannot exist an alpha-approximate bi-kernel for the (Connected) Distance-r Dominating Set problem on C for any alpha > 1 (assuming the Gap Exponential Time Hypothesis).

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Keywords: Lossy Kernelization, Connected Dominating Set, Sparse Graph Classes
Collection: 35th Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science (STACS 2018)
Issue Date: 2018
Date of publication: 27.02.2018

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