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Ben-Aroya, Avraham ; Chattopadhyay, Eshan ; Doron, Dean ; Li, Xin ; Ta-Shma, Amnon

A New Approach for Constructing Low-Error, Two-Source Extractors

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Our main contribution in this paper is a new reduction from explicit two-source extractors for polynomially-small entropy rate and negligible error to explicit t-non-malleable extractors with seed-length that has a good dependence on t. Our reduction is based on the Chattopadhyay and Zuckerman framework (STOC 2016), and surprisingly we dispense with the use of resilient functions which appeared to be a major ingredient there and in follow-up works. The use of resilient functions posed a fundamental barrier towards achieving negligible error, and our new reduction circumvents this bottleneck.
The parameters we require from t-non-malleable extractors for our reduction to work hold in a non-explicit construction, but currently it is not known how to explicitly construct such extractors. As a result we do not give an unconditional construction of an explicit low-error two-source extractor. Nonetheless, we believe our work gives a viable approach for solving the important problem of low-error two-source extractors. Furthermore, our work highlights an existing barrier in constructing low-error two-source extractors, and draws attention to the dependence of the parameter t in the seed-length of the non-malleable extractor. We hope this work would lead to further developments in explicit constructions of both non-malleable and two-source extractors.

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Keywords: Two-Source Extractors, Non-Malleable Extractors, Pseudorandomness, Explicit Constructions
Collection: 33rd Computational Complexity Conference (CCC 2018)
Issue Date: 2018
Date of publication: 04.06.2018

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