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Toman, John ; Grossman, Dan

Legato: An At-Most-Once Analysis with Applications to Dynamic Configuration Updates (Artifact)

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This artifact supports Legato, an at-most-once analysis. An
at-most-once analysis ensures that an application never observes
inconsistent versions of its environment by checking that every
value depends on at most one access of every external resource used
by the application. We have applied this general analysis to the
problem of finding errors in applications that support dynamic
configuration updates (DCU), i.e., configuration updates that are
applied immediately without program restart. When configurations may
change at any point during execution, the enforcing the at-most-once
condition for each configuration option guarantees that the program
never observes inconsistent versions of configuration options. This
artifact recreates our experiments, which applied Legato to 10
applications that support DCU and found several bugs across 9 of the
10 programs.

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Keywords: Static Analysis, Dynamic Configuration Updates
Collection: DARTS, Volume 4, Issue 3
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Issue Date: 2018
Date of publication: 05.07.2018

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