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Milanova, Ana ; Huang, Wei

Definite Reference Mutability (Artifact)

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Related paper "Definite Reference Mutability" presents
ReM (Re[ference] M[utability]), a type system
that separates mutable references into (1) definitely mutable,
and (2) maybe mutable, i.e., references whose mutability is due to inherent
approximation. We have implemented ReM and applied it on a large benchmark
suite. Results show that ~ 86\% of mutable references
are definitely mutable.

This article describes the tool artifact from the related paper. The purpose of
the article and artifact is to allow researchers to reproduce our results, as well as build new type systems upon our code.

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Keywords: reference immutability, type inference, CFL-reachability
Collection: DARTS, Volume 4, Issue 3
Related Scholarly Article:
Issue Date: 2018
Date of publication: 05.07.2018

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