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Oostvogels, Nathalie ; De Koster, Joeri ; De Meuter, Wolfgang

Static Typing of Complex Presence Constraints in Interfaces (Artifact)

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This artifact is based on TypeScriptIPC, a statically typed programming language with interfaces in which complex presence constraints can be defined.
This enables developers to express inter-property constraints on interface properties.
The need for these inter-property constraints stems from web APIs, which often impose a complex "dependency logic" between properties.
For example, some properties may be mutually exclusive, or the presence of a property may depend on the presence of others, etc.
TypeScriptIPC is a variant of TypeScript, in which interfaces are extended to express constraints over multiple properties, using propositional logic.
This artifact contains documentation on how to build and run TypeScriptIPC, such that the code snippets from the paper can be run.

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Keywords: type system, interfaces, dependency logic
Collection: DARTS, Volume 4, Issue 3
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Issue Date: 2018
Date of publication: 05.07.2018

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