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Lopez y Lopez, Fabiola ; Luck, Michael ; d'Inverno, Mark

A Normative Framework for Agent-Based Systems

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One of the key issues in the computational representation of open societies relates to the introduction of norms that help to cope with the heterogeneity, the autonomy and the diversity of interests among their members. Research regarding this issue presents two omissions. One is the lack of a canonical model of norms that facilitates their implementation, and that allows us to describe the processes of reasoning about norms. The other refers to considering, in the model of normative multi-agent systems, the perspective of individual agents and what they might need to effectively reason about the society in which they participate. Both are the concerns of this paper, and the main objective is to present a formal normative framework for agent-based systems that facilitates their implementation.

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Keywords: Normative agents, normative multi-agent systems
Collection: 07122 - Normative Multi-agent Systems
Issue Date: 2007
Date of publication: 12.03.2007

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