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Tschudin, Christian ; Yamamoto, Lidia

Self-Healing Protocol Implementations

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Current studies on self-configuring and adaptive networks aim at developing specific and fixed protocols which are able to optimize their configuration in a variable network environment. In this talk we study the problem where the protocols need to cope with a defective execution, including the lossy execution or the injection of foreign code. One guiding question will be the creation of robust execution circuits which can distribute over a network and which continue their service despite parts of the implementation being knocked out. The ultimate goal is to enable protocol implementations to detect by themselves that they are malfunctioning and to let them correct their own operation mode and code base. As a show case, we present a protocol implementation which is robust against deletion (knock-out) of any single instruction, regardless whether this deletion affects the core protocol functionality or the resilience logic. The technique used in this first of its kind example is the self-modification of the running program, which can be naturally situated in an active networking context. Ultimately, a self-correcting protocol implementation has to constantly rewrite itself according to the (self-)observed performance. In this talk we will also point to related fields like self-correcting software, fault tolerant quantum computing and self-healing properties of biological systems. This is joint work with Lidia Yamamoto, Hitachi Europe.

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Keywords: resilient protocol implementations , autonomic communication systems , active networking , bio-inspired networking
Collection: 04411 - Service Management and Self-Organization in IP-based Networks
Issue Date: 2005
Date of publication: 24.03.2005

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