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Kim, Eun Jung ; Serna, Maria ; Thilikos, Dimitrios M.

Data-Compression for Parametrized Counting Problems on Sparse Graphs

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We study the concept of compactor, which may be seen as a counting-analogue of kernelization in counting parameterized complexity. For a function F:Sigma^* -> N and a parameterization kappa: Sigma^* -> N, a compactor (P,M) consists of a polynomial-time computable function P, called condenser, and a computable function M, called extractor, such that F=M o P, and the condensing P(x) of x has length at most s(kappa(x)), for any input x in Sigma^*. If s is a polynomial function, then the compactor is said to be of polynomial-size. Although the study on counting-analogue of kernelization is not unprecedented, it has received little attention so far. We study a family of vertex-certified counting problems on graphs that are MSOL-expressible; that is, for an MSOL-formula phi with one free set variable to be interpreted as a vertex subset, we want to count all A subseteq V(G) where |A|=k and (G,A) models phi. In this paper, we prove that every vertex-certified counting problems on graphs that is MSOL-expressible and treewidth modulable, when parameterized by k, admits a polynomial-size compactor on H-topological-minor-free graphs with condensing time O(k^2n^2) and decoding time 2^{O(k)}. This implies the existence of an FPT-algorithm of running time O(n^2 k^2)+2^{O(k)}. All aforementioned complexities are under the Uniform Cost Measure (UCM) model where numbers can be stored in constant space and arithmetic operations can be done in constant time.

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Keywords: Parameterized counting, compactor, protrusion decomposition
Collection: 29th International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation (ISAAC 2018)
Issue Date: 2018
Date of publication: 06.12.2018

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