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1 Front Matter, Table of Contents, Preface, Conference Organization Chambers, Erin W. et al. 2023
2 LIPIcs, Volume 258, SoCG 2023, Complete Volume Chambers, Erin W. et al. 2023
3 A Cautionary Tale: Burning the Medial Axis Is Unstable (Media Exposition) Chambers, Erin et al. 2022
4 On Complexity of Computing Bottleneck and Lexicographic Optimal Cycles in a Homology Class Chambers, Erin Wolf et al. 2022
5 A Family of Metrics from the Truncated Smoothing of Reeb Graphs Chambers, Erin Wolf et al. 2021
6 Algorithms for Contractibility of Compressed Curves on 3-Manifold Boundaries Chambers, Erin Wolf et al. 2021
7 Low-Stretch Spanning Trees of Graphs with Bounded Width Borradaile, Glencora et al. 2020
8 Computing Optimal Homotopies over a Spiked Plane with Polygonal Boundary Burton, Benjamin et al. 2017
9 Homotopy Measures for Representative Trajectories Chambers, Erin et al. 2016
10 Minimum Cycle and Homology Bases of Surface Embedded Graphs Borradaile, Glencora et al. 2016
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