No. Title Author Year
1 One-Tape Turing Machine and Branching Program Lower Bounds for MCSP Cheraghchi, Mahdi et al. 2021
2 One-Way Functions and a Conditional Variant of MKTP Allender, Eric et al. 2021
3 Leakage-Resilient Secret Sharing in Non-Compartmentalized Models Lin, Fuchun et al. 2020
4 Circuit Lower Bounds for MCSP from Local Pseudorandom Generators Cheraghchi, Mahdi et al. 2019
5 Secret Sharing with Binary Shares Lin, Fuchun et al. 2018
6 AC^0 o MOD_2 Lower Bounds for the Boolean Inner Product Cheraghchi, Mahdi et al. 2016
7 Local Testing for Membership in Lattices Chandrasekaran, Karthekeyan et al. 2016
8 Almost-Uniform Sampling of Points on High-Dimensional Algebraic Varieties Cheraghchi, Mahdi et al. 2009
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