No. Title Author Year
1 Restricting Tree Grammars with Term Rewriting Bessai, Jan et al. 2022
2 First-Order Guarded Coinduction in Coq Czajka, Lukasz 2019
3 Polymorphic Higher-Order Termination Czajka, Lukasz et al. 2019
4 A Shallow Embedding of Pure Type Systems into First-Order Logic Czajka, Lukasz 2018
5 Term Rewriting Characterisation of LOGSPACE for Finite and Infinite Data Czajka, Lukasz 2018
6 Confluence of an Extension of Combinatory Logic by Boolean Constants Czajka, Lukasz 2017
7 Confluence of nearly orthogonal infinitary term rewriting systems Czajka, Lukasz 2015
8 A Semantic Approach to Illative Combinatory Logic Czajka, Lukasz 2011
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