No. Title Author Year
1 Clustering with Faulty Centers Fox, Kyle et al. 2022
2 Computation of Cycle Bases in Surface Embedded Graphs Fox, Kyle et al. 2022
3 A Faster Algorithm for Maximum Flow in Directed Planar Graphs with Vertex Capacities Enoch, Julian et al. 2021
4 Approximating the (Continuous) Fr├ęchet Distance Colombe, Connor et al. 2021
5 A Near-Linear Time Approximation Scheme for Geometric Transportation with Arbitrary Supplies and Spread Fox, Kyle et al. 2020
6 Approximating the Geometric Edit Distance Fox, Kyle et al. 2019
7 Maintaining Reeb Graphs of Triangulated 2-Manifolds Agarwal, Pankaj K. et al. 2018
8 Faster Algorithms for the Geometric Transportation Problem Agarwal, Pankaj K. et al. 2017
9 Approximating Dynamic Time Warping and Edit Distance for a Pair of Point Sequences Agarwal, Pankaj K. et al. 2016
10 Minimum Cycle and Homology Bases of Surface Embedded Graphs Borradaile, Glencora et al. 2016
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