No. Title Author Year
1 Lower Bounds for Polynomial Calculus with Extension Variables over Finite Fields Impagliazzo, Russell et al. 2023
2 Synergy Between Circuit Obfuscation and Circuit Minimization Impagliazzo, Russell et al. 2023
3 TFNP Characterizations of Proof Systems and Monotone Circuits Buss, Sam et al. 2023
4 Comparing Computational Entropies Below Majority (Or: When Is the Dense Model Theorem False?) Impagliazzo, Russell et al. 2021
5 Lifting for Constant-Depth Circuits and Applications to MCSP Carmosino, Marco et al. 2021
6 On the Power and Limitations of Branch and Cut Fleming, Noah et al. 2021
7 On the Pseudo-Deterministic Query Complexity of NP Search Problems Goldwasser, Shafi et al. 2021
8 The Fine-Grained Complexity of Multi-Dimensional Ordering Properties An, Haozhe et al. 2021
9 AC^0[p] Lower Bounds Against MCSP via the Coin Problem Golovnev, Alexander et al. 2019
10 Fine-Grained Derandomization: From Problem-Centric to Resource-Centric Complexity Carmosino, Marco L. et al. 2018
11 Half-Duplex Communication Complexity Hoover, Kenneth et al. 2018
12 Hardness Amplification for Non-Commutative Arithmetic Circuits Carmosino, Marco L. et al. 2018
13 Stabbing Planes Beame, Paul et al. 2018
14 The Power of Natural Properties as Oracles Impagliazzo, Russell et al. 2018
15 Agnostic Learning from Tolerant Natural Proofs Carmosino, Marco L. et al. 2017
16 Does Looking Inside a Circuit Help? Impagliazzo, Russell et al. 2017
17 Learning Algorithms from Natural Proofs Carmosino, Marco L. et al. 2016
18 Pseudorandomness When the Odds are Against You Artemenko, Sergei et al. 2016
19 Tighter Connections between Derandomization and Circuit Lower Bounds Carmosino, Marco L. et al. 2015
20 An Axiomatic Approach to Algebrization Impagliazzo, Russell et al. 2010
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