No. Title Author Year
1 Counting Short Vector Pairs by Inner Product and Relations to the Permanent Björklund, Andreas et al. 2021
2 Solving Systems of Polynomial Equations over GF(2) by a Parity-Counting Self-Reduction Björklund, Andreas et al. 2019
3 Counting Connected Subgraphs with Maximum-Degree-Aware Sieving Björklund, Andreas et al. 2018
4 Engineering Motif Search for Large Motifs Kaski, Petteri et al. 2018
5 Generalized Kakeya Sets for Polynomial Evaluation and Faster Computation of Fermionants Björklund, Andreas et al. 2018
6 Tensor Network Complexity of Multilinear Maps Austrin, Per et al. 2018
7 Directed Hamiltonicity and Out-Branchings via Generalized Laplacians Björklund, Andreas et al. 2017
8 The First Parameterized Algorithms and Computational Experiments Challenge Dell, Holger et al. 2017
9 Dense Subset Sum May Be the Hardest Austrin, Per et al. 2016
10 Explicit Correlation Amplifiers for Finding Outlier Correlations in Deterministic Subquadratic Time Karppa, Matti et al. 2016
11 Subset Sum in the Absence of Concentration Austrin, Per et al. 2015
12 Probably Optimal Graph Motifs Björklund, Andreas et al. 2013
13 08431 Open Problems -- Moderately Exponential Time Algorithms Fomin, Fedor V. et al. 2008
14 Trimmed Moebius Inversion and Graphs of Bounded Degree Björklund, Andreas et al. 2008
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