No. Title Author Year
1 Online and Dynamic Algorithms for Geometric Set Cover and Hitting Set Khan, Arindam et al. 2023
2 A PTAS for Packing Hypercubes into a Knapsack Jansen, Klaus et al. 2022
3 Approximation Algorithms for Round-UFP and Round-SAP Kar, Debajyoti et al. 2022
4 Geometry Meets Vectors: Approximation Algorithms for Multidimensional Packing Khan, Arindam et al. 2022
5 Near-Optimal Algorithms for Stochastic Online Bin Packing Ayyadevara, Nikhil ^* et al. 2022
6 Tight Approximation Algorithms for Two-Dimensional Guillotine Strip Packing Khan, Arindam et al. 2022
7 Improved Approximation Algorithms for 2-Dimensional Knapsack: Packing into Multiple L-Shapes, Spirals, and More Gálvez, Waldo et al. 2021
8 On Guillotine Separable Packings for the Two-Dimensional Geometric Knapsack Problem Khan, Arindam et al. 2021
9 Peak Demand Minimization via Sliced Strip Packing Deppert, Max A. et al. 2021
10 Tight Approximation Algorithms For Geometric Bin Packing with Skewed Items Khan, Arindam et al. 2021
11 A Tight (3/2+ε) Approximation for Skewed Strip Packing Gálvez, Waldo et al. 2020
12 Best Fit Bin Packing with Random Order Revisited Albers, Susanne et al. 2020
13 On Guillotine Separability of Squares and Rectangles Khan, Arindam et al. 2020
14 Improved Online Algorithms for Knapsack and GAP in the Random Order Model Albers, Susanne et al. 2019
15 Improved Pseudo-Polynomial-Time Approximation for Strip Packing Gálvez, Waldo et al. 2016
16 On Weighted Bipartite Edge Coloring Khan, Arindam et al. 2015
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