No. Title Author Year
1 A Cyclic Proof System for HFL_ℕ Kori, Mayuko et al. 2021
2 Front Matter, Table of Contents, Preface, Conference Organization Kobayashi, Naoki 2021
3 LIPIcs, Volume 195, FSCD 2021, Complete Volume Kobayashi, Naoki 2021
4 Sized Types with Usages for Parallel Complexity of Pi-Calculus Processes Baillot, Patrick et al. 2021
5 A Probabilistic Higher-Order Fixpoint Logic Mitani, Yo et al. 2020
6 On Average-Case Hardness of Higher-Order Model Checking Nakamura, Yoshiki et al. 2020
7 Size-Preserving Translations from Order-(n+1) Word Grammars to Order-n Tree Grammars Asada, Kazuyuki et al. 2020
8 Lambda-Definable Order-3 Tree Functions are Well-Quasi-Ordered Asada, Kazuyuki et al. 2018
9 Pumping Lemma for Higher-order Languages Asada, Kazuyuki et al. 2017
10 Streett Automata Model Checking of Higher-Order Recursion Schemes Suzuki, Ryota et al. 2017
11 On Word and Frontier Languages of Unsafe Higher-Order Grammars Asada, Kazuyuki et al. 2016
12 Saturation-Based Model Checking of Higher-Order Recursion Schemes Broadbent, Christopher et al. 2013
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