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1 All Your bases Are Belong to Us: Listing All Bases of a Matroid by Greedy Exchanges Merino, Arturo et al. 2022
2 Star Transposition Gray Codes for Multiset Permutations Gregor, Petr et al. 2022
3 The Hamilton Compression of Highly Symmetric Graphs Gregor, Petr et al. 2022
4 Efficient Generation of Rectangulations via Permutation Languages Merino, Arturo et al. 2021
5 On the Central Levels Problem Gregor, Petr et al. 2020
6 Distance-Preserving Graph Contractions Bernstein, Aaron et al. 2018
7 Gray Codes and Symmetric Chains Gregor, Petr et al. 2018
8 Rainbow Cycles in Flip Graphs Felsner, Stefan et al. 2018
9 Trimming and Gluing Gray Codes Gregor, Petr et al. 2017
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