No. Title Author Year
1 Control Systems in the Presence of Computational Problems (Invited Talk) Maggio, Martina 2023
2 Front Matter, Table of Contents, Preface, Conference Organization Maggio, Martina 2022
3 LIPIcs, Volume 231, ECRTS 2022, Complete Volume Maggio, Martina 2022
4 Stability and Performance Analysis of Control Systems Subject to Bursts of Deadline Misses Vreman, Nils et al. 2021
5 Control-System Stability Under Consecutive Deadline Misses Constraints Maggio, Martina et al. 2020
6 DMAC: Deadline-Miss-Aware Control Pazzaglia, Paolo et al. 2019
7 DMAC: Deadline-Miss-Aware Control (Artifact) Pazzaglia, Paolo et al. 2019
8 Camera Networks Dimensioning and Scheduling with Quasi Worst-Case Transmission Time Edpalm, Viktor et al. 2018
9 Front Matter - ECRTS 2018 Artifacts, Table of Contents, Preface, Artifact Evaluation Committee Altmayer, Sebastian et al. 2018
10 Self-Adaptive Video Encoder: Comparison of Multiple Adaptation Strategies Made Simple (Artifact) Maggio, Martina et al. 2017
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