No. Title Author Year
1 Quantum Majority Vote Buhrman, Harry et al. 2023
2 Quantum Policy Gradient Algorithms Jerbi, Sofiene et al. 2023
3 Quantum-Access Security of the Winternitz One-Time Signature Scheme Majenz, Christian et al. 2021
4 Span Programs and Quantum Time Complexity Cornelissen, Arjan et al. 2020
5 On Quantum Chosen-Ciphertext Attacks and Learning with Errors Alagic, Gorjan et al. 2019
6 Trading Inverses for an Irrep in the Solovay-Kitaev Theorem Bouland, Adam et al. 2018
7 Easy and Hard Functions for the Boolean Hidden Shift Problem Childs, Andrew M. et al. 2013
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