No. Title Author Year
1 One Step Forward, One Step Back: FLP-Style Proofs and the Round-Reduction Technique for Colorless Tasks Attiya, Hagit et al. 2023
2 The Time Complexity of Consensus Under Oblivious Message Adversaries Winkler, Kyrill et al. 2023
3 Fine-Grained Complexity Lower Bounds for Families of Dynamic Graphs Henzinger, Monika et al. 2022
4 Playing Guess Who with Your Kids Paz, Ami et al. 2022
5 Brief Announcement: Sinkless Orientation Is Hard Also in the Supported LOCAL Model Korhonen, Janne H. et al. 2021
6 Distributed Quantum Proofs for Replicated Data Fraigniaud, Pierre et al. 2021
7 Fast Deterministic Algorithms for Highly-Dynamic Networks Censor-Hillel, Keren et al. 2021
8 Brief Announcement: Distributed Quantum Proofs for Replicated Data Fraigniaud, Pierre et al. 2020
9 Improved Hardness of Approximation of Diameter in the CONGEST Model Grossman, Ofer et al. 2020
10 Models of Smoothing in Dynamic Networks Meir, Uri et al. 2020
11 The Topology of Local Computing in Networks Fraigniaud, Pierre et al. 2020
12 Trade-Offs in Distributed Interactive Proofs Crescenzi, Pierluigi et al. 2019
13 Redundancy in Distributed Proofs Feuilloley, Laurent et al. 2018
14 The Sparsest Additive Spanner via Multiple Weighted BFS Trees Censor-Hillel, Keren et al. 2018
15 Quadratic and Near-Quadratic Lower Bounds for the CONGEST Model Censor-Hillel, Keren et al. 2017
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