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1 Convergence to Lexicographically Optimal Base in a (Contra)Polymatroid and Applications to Densest Subgraph and Tree Packing Harb, Elfarouk et al. 2023
2 Independent Sets in Elimination Graphs with a Submodular Objective Chekuri, Chandra et al. 2023
3 Fast Approximation Algorithms for Bounded Degree and Crossing Spanning Tree Problems Chekuri, Chandra et al. 2021
4 Faster Algorithms for Rooted Connectivity in Directed Graphs Chekuri, Chandra et al. 2021
5 Isolating Cuts, (Bi-)Submodularity, and Faster Algorithms for Connectivity Chekuri, Chandra et al. 2021
6 Online Directed Spanners and Steiner Forests Grigorescu, Elena et al. 2021
7 Fast and Deterministic Approximations for k-Cut Quanrud, Kent 2019
8 Approximating Optimal Transport With Linear Programs Quanrud, Kent 2018
9 LP Relaxation and Tree Packing for Minimum k-cuts Chekuri, Chandra et al. 2018
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