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1 A Modular Approach to Construct Signature-Free BRB Algorithms Under a Message Adversary Albouy, Timothé et al. 2023
2 Send/Receive Patterns Versus Read/Write Patterns in Crash-Prone Asynchronous Distributed Systems Déprés, Mathilde et al. 2023
3 The Synchronization Power (Consensus Number) of Access-Control Objects: the Case of AllowList and DenyList Frey, Davide et al. 2023
4 Good-Case Early-Stopping Latency of Synchronous Byzantine Reliable Broadcast: The Deterministic Case Albouy, Timothé et al. 2022
5 Byzantine-Tolerant Distributed Grow-Only Sets: Specification and Applications Cholvi, Vicent et al. 2021
6 Relaxed Queues and Stacks from Read/Write Operations Castañeda, Armando et al. 2021
7 Byzantine-Tolerant Set-Constrained Delivery Broadcast Auvolat, Alex et al. 2020
8 Which Broadcast Abstraction Captures k-Set Agreement? Imbs, Damien et al. 2017
9 Anonymous Obstruction-Free (n,k)-Set Agreement with n-k+1 Atomic Read/Write Registers Bouzid, Zohir et al. 2016
10 Signature-Free Communication and Agreement in the Presence of Byzantine Processes (Tutorial) Raynal, Michel 2016
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