No. Title Author Year
1 Sampling and Certifying Symmetric Functions Filmus, Yuval et al. 2023
2 Pseudorandom Generators, Resolution and Heavy Width Sokolov, Dmitry 2022
3 Branching Programs with Bounded Repetitions and Flow Formulas Sofronova, Anastasia et al. 2021
4 The Power of Negative Reasoning de Rezende, Susanna F. et al. 2021
5 Exponential Resolution Lower Bounds for Weak Pigeonhole Principle and Perfect Matching Formulas over Sparse Graphs de Rezende, Susanna F. et al. 2020
6 Trade-Offs Between Size and Degree in Polynomial Calculus Lagarde, Guillaume et al. 2020
7 Adventures in Monotone Complexity and TFNP Göös, Mika et al. 2018
8 Reordering Rule Makes OBDD Proof Systems Stronger Buss, Sam et al. 2018
9 On OBDD-Based Algorithms and Proof Systems That Dynamically Change Order of Variables Itsykson, Dmitry et al. 2017
10 Complexity of Distributions and Average-Case Hardness Itsykson, Dmitry et al. 2016
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