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Buss, Sam ; Itsykson, Dmitry ; Knop, Alexander ; Sokolov, Dmitry

Reordering Rule Makes OBDD Proof Systems Stronger

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Atserias, Kolaitis, and Vardi showed that the proof system of Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams with conjunction and weakening, OBDD(^, weakening), simulates CP^* (Cutting Planes with unary coefficients). We show that OBDD(^, weakening) can give exponentially shorter proofs than dag-like cutting planes. This is proved by showing that the Clique-Coloring tautologies have polynomial size proofs in the OBDD(^, weakening) system.
The reordering rule allows changing the variable order for OBDDs. We show that OBDD(^, weakening, reordering) is strictly stronger than OBDD(^, weakening). This is proved using the Clique-Coloring tautologies, and by transforming tautologies using coded permutations and orification. We also give CNF formulas which have polynomial size OBDD(^) proofs but require superpolynomial (actually, quasipolynomial size) resolution proofs, and thus we partially resolve an open question proposed by Groote and Zantema.
Applying dag-like and tree-like lifting techniques to the mentioned results, we completely analyze which of the systems among CP^*, OBDD(^), OBDD(^, reordering), OBDD(^, weakening) and OBDD(^, weakening, reordering) polynomially simulate each other. For dag-like proof systems, some of our separations are quasipolynomial and some are exponential; for tree-like systems, all of our separations are exponential.

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Keywords: Proof complexity, OBDD, Tseitin formulas, the Clique-Coloring principle, lifting theorems
Collection: 33rd Computational Complexity Conference (CCC 2018)
Issue Date: 2018
Date of publication: 04.06.2018

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