No. Title Author Year
1 A SAT Solver’s Opinion on the Erdős-Faber-Lovász Conjecture Kirchweger, Markus et al. 2023
2 IPASIR-UP: User Propagators for CDCL Fazekas, Katalin et al. 2023
3 Proven Optimally-Balanced Latin Rectangles with SAT (Short Paper) Peruvemba Ramaswamy, Vaidyanathan et al. 2023
4 SAT-Based Generation of Planar Graphs Kirchweger, Markus et al. 2023
5 Searching for Smallest Universal Graphs and Tournaments with SAT Zhang, Tianwei et al. 2023
6 A SAT Attack on Rota’s Basis Conjecture Kirchweger, Markus et al. 2022
7 CSP Beyond Tractable Constraint Languages Dreier, Jan et al. 2022
8 Finding a Cluster in Incomplete Data Eiben, Eduard et al. 2022
9 Front Matter, Table of Contents, Preface, Conference Organization Szeider, Stefan et al. 2022
10 LIPIcs, Volume 241, MFCS 2022, Complete Volume Szeider, Stefan et al. 2022
11 SAT Backdoors: Depth Beats Size Dreier, Jan et al. 2022
12 Weighted Model Counting with Twin-Width Ganian, Robert et al. 2022
13 SAT Modulo Symmetries for Graph Generation Kirchweger, Markus et al. 2021
14 Recent Trends in Knowledge Compilation (Dagstuhl Seminar 17381) Darwiche, Adnan et al. 2018
15 Backdoor Sets for CSP Gaspers, Serge et al. 2017
16 Combining Treewidth and Backdoors for CSP Ganian, Robert et al. 2017
17 On Existential MSO and its Relation to ETH Ganian, Robert et al. 2016
18 Meta-kernelization using Well-structured Modulators Eiben, Eduard et al. 2015
19 Backdoors to q-Horn Gaspers, Serge et al. 2013
20 Model Counting for CNF Formulas of Bounded Modular Treewidth Paulusma, Daniel et al. 2013
21 Satisfiability of Acyclic and Almost Acyclic CNF Formulas Ordyniak, Sebastian et al. 2010
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