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1 Correlation-Intractable Hash Functions via Shift-Hiding Lombardi, Alex et al. 2022
2 Lattice-Inspired Broadcast Encryption and Succinct Ciphertext-Policy ABE Brakerski, Zvika et al. 2022
3 On the Hardness of Average-Case k-SUM Brakerski, Zvika et al. 2021
4 Cryptography from Information Loss Ball, Marshall et al. 2020
5 Adversarially Robust Property-Preserving Hash Functions Boyle, Elette et al. 2018
6 How to Subvert Backdoored Encryption: Security Against Adversaries that Decrypt All Ciphertexts Horel, Thibaut et al. 2018
7 Some Open Problems in Information-Theoretic Cryptography Vaikuntanathan, Vinod 2018
8 Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Proximity Berman, Itay et al. 2018
9 Low-Complexity Cryptographic Hash Functions Applebaum, Benny et al. 2017
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