No. Title Author Year
1 Set Semantics for Asynchronous TeamLTL: Expressivity and Complexity Kontinen, Juha et al. 2023
2 Linear-Time Temporal Logic with Team Semantics: Expressivity and Complexity Virtema, Jonni et al. 2021
3 On the Complexity of Horn and Krom Fragments of Second-Order Boolean Logic Hannula, Miika et al. 2021
4 Expressivity Within Second-Order Transitive-Closure Logic Ferrarotti, Flavio et al. 2018
5 Team Semantics for the Specification and Verification of Hyperproperties Krebs, Andreas et al. 2018
6 Model Checking and Validity in Propositional and Modal Inclusion Logics Hella, Lauri et al. 2017
7 Decidability of Predicate Logics with Team Semantics Kontinen, Juha et al. 2016
8 Axiomatizing Propositional Dependence Logics Sano, Katsuhiko et al. 2015
9 Undecidable First-Order Theories of Affine Geometries Kuusisto, Antti et al. 2012
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