No. Title Author Year
1 TACLeBench: A Benchmark Collection to Support Worst-Case Execution Time Research Falk, Heiko et al. 2016
2 Analysing Switch-Case Code with Abstract Execution Holsti, Niklas et al. 2015
3 WCET and Mixed-Criticality: What does Confidence in WCET Estimations Depend Upon? Altmeyer, Sebastian et al. 2015
4 Principles for Value Annotation Languages Lisper, Björn 2014
5 OASIcs, Volume 15, WCET'10, Complete Volume Lisper, Björn 2012
6 Toward Static Timing Analysis of Parallel Software Gustavsson, Andreas et al. 2012
7 Towards Parallel Programming Models for Predictability Lisper, Björn 2012
8 Frontmatter, Preface, Table of Contents, Workshop Organization Lisper, Björn 2010
9 The Mälardalen WCET Benchmarks: Past, Present And Future Gustafsson, Jan et al. 2010
10 Towards WCET Analysis of Multicore Architectures Using UPPAAL Gustavsson, Andreas et al. 2010
11 ALF - A Language for WCET Flow Analysis Gustafsson, Jan et al. 2009
12 Towards an Automatic Parametric WCET Analysis Bygde, Stefan et al. 2008
13 Experiences from Industrial WCET Analysis Case Studies Ermedahl, Andreas et al. 2007
14 Loop Bound Analysis based on a Combination of Program Slicing, Abstract Interpretation, and Invariant Analysis Ermedahl, Andreas et al. 2007
15 Algorithms for Infeasible Path Calculation Gustaffson, Jan et al. 2006
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