No. Title Author Year
1 Constant-Loop Dominators for Single-Path Code Optimization Maroun, Emad Jacob et al. 2023
2 Vicuna: A Timing-Predictable RISC-V Vector Coprocessor for Scalable Parallel Computation Platzer, Michael et al. 2021
3 Best Practice for Caching of Single-Path Code Schoeberl, Martin et al. 2017
4 Towards Automated Generation of Time-Predictable Code Prokesch, Daniel et al. 2014
5 Improving System-Level Verification of SystemC Models with SPIN Elshuber, Martin et al. 2013
6 A Formal Framework for Precise Parametric WCET Formulas Huber, Benedikt et al. 2012
7 A Code Policy Guaranteeing Fully Automated Path Analysis Huber, Benedikt et al. 2010
8 Is Chip-Multiprocessing the End of Real-Time Scheduling? Schoeberl, Martin et al. 2009
9 Teaching WCET Analysis in Academia and Industry: A Panel Discussion Holsti, Niklas et al. 2009
10 On Composable System Timing, Task Timing, and WCET Analysis Puschner, Peter et al. 2008
11 Classification of Code Annotations and Discussion of Compiler-Support for Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis Kirner, Raimund et al. 2007
12 Comparing WCET and Resource Demands of Trigonometric Functions Implemented as Iterative Calculations vs. Table-Lookup Kirner, Raimund et al. 2006
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