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1 Validation of Processor Timing Models Using Cycle-Accurate Timing Simulators Gruin, Alban et al. 2023
2 Warp-Level CFG Construction for GPU Kernel WCET Analysis Jeanmougin, Louison et al. 2023
3 The W-SEPT Project: Towards Semantic-Aware WCET Estimation Maiza, Claire et al. 2017
4 Parallel Real-Time Tasks, as Viewed by WCET Analysis and Task Scheduling Approaches Rochange, Christine 2016
5 TACLeBench: A Benchmark Collection to Support Worst-Case Execution Time Research Falk, Heiko et al. 2016
6 A Framework to Quantify the Overestimations of Static WCET Analysis Cassé, Hugues et al. 2015
7 WCET and Mixed-Criticality: What does Confidence in WCET Estimations Depend Upon? Altmeyer, Sebastian et al. 2015
8 Contention in Multicore Hardware Shared Resources: Understanding of the State of the Art Fernandez, Gabriel et al. 2014
9 Automatic WCET Analysis of Real-Time Parallel Applications Ozaktas, Haluk et al. 2013
10 OASIcs, Volume 6, WCET'07, Complete Volume Rochange, Christine 2012
11 An Overview of Approaches Towards the Timing Analysability of Parallel Architecture Rochange, Christine 2011
12 WCET Analysis of a Parallel 3D Multigrid Solver Executed on the MERASA Multi-Core Rochange, Christine et al. 2010
13 WCET 2008 -- Report from the Tool Challenge 2008 -- 8th Intl. Workshop on Worst-Case Execution Time (WCET) Analysis Holsti, Niklas et al. 2008
14 WCET 2007 Abstracts Collection -- 7th Intl. Workshop on Worst-Case Execution Time (WCET) Analysis Rochange, Christine 2007
15 History-based Schemes and Implicit Path Enumeration Burguière, Claire et al. 2006
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