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Bertossi, Leopoldo ; Gottlob, Georg ; Pichler, Reinhard

Datalog: Bag Semantics via Set Semantics

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Duplicates in data management are common and problematic. In this work, we present a translation of Datalog under bag semantics into a well-behaved extension of Datalog, the so-called warded Datalog^+/-, under set semantics. From a theoretical point of view, this allows us to reason on bag semantics by making use of the well-established theoretical foundations of set semantics. From a practical point of view, this allows us to handle the bag semantics of Datalog by powerful, existing query engines for the required extension of Datalog. This use of Datalog^+/- is extended to give a set semantics to duplicates in Datalog^+/- itself. We investigate the properties of the resulting Datalog^+/- programs, the problem of deciding multiplicities, and expressibility of some bag operations. Moreover, the proposed translation has the potential for interesting applications such as to Multiset Relational Algebra and the semantic web query language SPARQL with bag semantics.

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Keywords: Datalog, duplicates, multisets, query answering, chase, Datalog+/-
Collection: 22nd International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT 2019)
Issue Date: 2019
Date of publication: 19.03.2019

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