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Zarrouki, M. Baha E. ; Klös, Verena ; Grabowski, Markus ; Glesner, Sabine

Fault-Tolerance by Graceful Degradation for Car Platoons

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The key advantage of autonomous car platoons are their short inter-vehicle distances that increase traffic flow and reduce fuel consumption. However, this is challenging for operational and functional safety. If a failure occurs, the affected vehicles cannot suddenly stop driving but instead should continue their operation with reduced performance until a safe state can be reached or, in the case of temporal failures, full functionality can be guaranteed again. To achieve this degradation, platoon members have to be able to compensate sensor and communication failures and have to adjust their inter-vehicle distances to ensure safety. In this work, we describe a systematic design of degradation cascades for sensor and communication failures in autonomous car platoons using the example of an autonomous model car. We describe our systematic design method, the resulting degradation modes, and formulate contracts for each degradation level. We model and test our resulting degradation controller in Simulink/Stateflow.

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Keywords: fault-tolerance, degradation, car platoons, autonomous driving, contracts
Collection: Workshop on Autonomous Systems Design (ASD 2019)
Issue Date: 2019
Date of publication: 28.03.2019

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