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Goko, Hiromichi ; Kawamura, Akitoshi ; Kawase, Yasushi ; Makino, Kazuhisa ; Sumita, Hanna

Online Scheduling on Identical Machines with a Metric State Space

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This paper introduces an online scheduling problem on m identical machines with a metric state space, which generalizes the classical online scheduling problem on identical machines, the online traveling salesman problem, and the online dial-a-ride problem. Each job is associated with a source state, a destination state, a processing time, and a release time. Each machine can process a job on and after its release time. Before processing a job, a machine needs to change its state to the source state (in a time corresponding to the distance), and after the process of the job, the machine’s state becomes the destination state. While related research deals with a model in which only release times are unknown to the algorithm, this paper focuses on a general model in which destination states and processing times are also unknown. The main result of this paper is to propose a O(log m/log log m)-competitive online algorithm for the problem, which is best possible. A key approach is to divide the difficulty of the problem. To cope with unknown release times, we provide frameworks to produce a min{2ρ+1/2, ρ+2}-competitive algorithm using a ρ-competitive algorithm for a basic case where all jobs are released at time 0. Then, focusing on unknown destination states and processing times, we construct an O(log m/log log m)-competitive algorithm for the basic case. We also provide improved algorithms for some special cases.

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Keywords: Online scheduling, Competitive analysis, Online dial-a-ride
Collection: 39th International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science (STACS 2022)
Issue Date: 2022
Date of publication: 09.03.2022

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