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Kim, Yonghwan ; Shibata, Masahiro ; Sudo, Yuichi ; Nakamura, Junya ; Katayama, Yoshiaki ; Masuzawa, Toshimitsu

Gathering of Mobile Robots with Defected Views

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An autonomous mobile robot system consisting of many mobile computational entities (called robots) attracts much attention of researchers, and it is an emerging issue for a recent couple of decades to clarify the relation between the capabilities of robots and solvability of the problems.
Generally, each robot can observe all other robots as long as there are no restrictions on visibility range or obstructions, regardless of the number of robots. In this paper, we provide a new perspective on the observation by robots; a robot cannot necessarily observe all other robots regardless of distances to them. We call this new computational model the defected view model. Under this model, in this paper, we consider the gathering problem that requires all the robots to gather at the same non-predetermined point and propose two algorithms to solve the gathering problem in the adversarial (N,N-2)-defected model for N ≥ 5 (where each robot observes at most N-2 robots chosen adversarially) and the distance-based (4,2)-defected model (where each robot observes at most two robots closest to itself), respectively, where N is the number of robots. Moreover, we present an impossibility result showing that there is no (deterministic) gathering algorithm in the adversarial or distance-based (3,1)-defected model, and we also show an impossibility result for the gathering in a relaxed (N, N-2)-defected model.

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Keywords: mobile robot, gathering, defected view model
Collection: 26th International Conference on Principles of Distributed Systems (OPODIS 2022)
Issue Date: 2023
Date of publication: 15.02.2023

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