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Sun, Xiaoming ; Zhang, Jialin ; Zhang, Zhijie

Simple Deterministic Approximation for Submodular Multiple Knapsack Problem

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Submodular maximization has been a central topic in theoretical computer science and combinatorial optimization over the last decades. Plenty of well-performed approximation algorithms have been designed for the problem over a variety of constraints. In this paper, we consider the submodular multiple knapsack problem (SMKP). In SMKP, the profits of each subset of elements are specified by a monotone submodular function. The goal is to find a feasible packing of elements over multiple bins (knapsacks) to maximize the profit. Recently, Fairstein et al. [ESA20] proposed a nearly optimal (1-e^{-1}-ε)-approximation algorithm for SMKP. Their algorithm is obtained by combining configuration LP, a grouping technique for bin packing, and the continuous greedy algorithm for submodular maximization. As a result, the algorithm is somewhat sophisticated and inherently randomized. In this paper, we present an arguably simple deterministic combinatorial algorithm for SMKP, which achieves a (1-e^{-1}-ε)-approximation ratio. Our algorithm is based on very different ideas compared with Fairstein et al. [ESA20].

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Keywords: Submodular maximization, knapsack problem, deterministic algorithm
Collection: 31st Annual European Symposium on Algorithms (ESA 2023)
Issue Date: 2023
Date of publication: 30.08.2023

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