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Reus, Bernhard ; Streicher, Thomas

Relative Completeness for Logics of Functional Programs

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We prove a relative completeness result for a logic of functional programs extending D. Scott's LCF. For such a logic, contrary to results for Hoare logic, it does not make sense to ask whether it is complete relative to the full theory of its first-order part, since the first order part does not determine uniquely the model at higher-order types. Therefore, one has to fix a model and choose an appropriate data theory w.r.t. which the logic is relatively complete. We establish relative completeness for two models: for the Scott model we use the theory of Baire Space as data theory, and for the effective Scott model we take first-order arithmetic. In both cases we need to extend traditional LCF in order to capture a sufficient amount of domain theory.

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Keywords: completeness, program logics, LCF
Collection: Computer Science Logic (CSL'11) - 25th International Workshop/20th Annual Conference of the EACSL
Issue Date: 2011
Date of publication: 31.08.2011

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