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Marinovic, Minja R. ; Makajic-Nikolic, Dragana D. ; Stanojevic, Milan J. ; Dordevic, Lena S.

Optimization of electricity trading using linear programming

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In the last two decades, the liberalization of the electricity markets have been established in order to increase efficiency, harmonize and reduce electricity prices, make a better use of resources, give customers the right to choose their supplier and provide customers with a better service. This change made the electricity market competitive and introduced several new subjects. In this paper, we study one of these subjects: Electricity Trading Company (ETC) and its daily trading process. We present a linear mathematical model of total daily profit maximization subject to flow constraints. It is assumed that the demand and supply are known and some of them are arranged. Possible transmission capacities are known but also additional capacities can be purchased. All trading, transmission prices and amounts are subject of auctions. First, we present energy trading problem as directed multiple-source and multiple-sink network and then model it using linear programming. Also, we provide one realistic example which is slightly changed in order to save confidentiality of the given data.

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Keywords: energy daily trading, day-ahead planning, LP model, optimization
Collection: 3rd Student Conference on Operational Research
Issue Date: 2012
Date of publication: 26.06.2012

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