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Grossi, Davide ; Meyer, John-Jules ; Dignum, Frank

On the Logic of Constitutive Rules

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The paper proposes a logical systematization of the notion of counts-as which is grounded on a very simple intuition about what counts-as statements actually mean, i.e., forms of classification. Moving from this analytical thesis the paper disentangles three semantically different readings of statements of the type X counts as Y in context C, from the weaker notion of contextual classification to the stronger notion of constitutive rule. These many ways in which counts-as can be said are then formally addressed by making use of modal logic techniques. The resulting framework allows for a formal characterization of all the involved notions and their reciprocal logical relationships.

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Keywords: Constitutive rules, counts-as, modal logic.
Collection: 07122 - Normative Multi-agent Systems
Issue Date: 2007
Date of publication: 12.03.2007

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