No. Title Author Year
1 Line Search for an Oblivious Moving Target Coleman, Jared et al. 2023
2 Evacuation from a Disk for Robots with Asymmetric Communication Georgiou, Konstantinos et al. 2022
3 Group Evacuation on a Line by Agents with Different Communication Abilities Czyzowicz, Jurek et al. 2021
4 Energy Consumption of Group Search on a Line Czyzowicz, Jurek et al. 2019
5 Gathering and Election by Mobile Robots in a Continuous Cycle Flocchini, Paola et al. 2019
6 God Save the Queen Czyzowicz, Jurek et al. 2018
7 Linear Rendezvous with Asymmetric Clocks Czyzowicz, Jurek et al. 2018
8 Search on a Line by Byzantine Robots Czyzowicz, Jurek et al. 2016
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