No. Title Author Year
1 Black-Box Constructive Proofs Are Unavoidable Chen, Lijie et al. 2023
2 Faster Detours in Undirected Graphs Akmal, Shyan et al. 2023
3 On Oracles and Algorithmic Methods for Proving Lower Bounds Vyas, Nikhil et al. 2023
4 Improved Merlin-Arthur Protocols for Central Problems in Fine-Grained Complexity Akmal, Shyan et al. 2022
5 On the Number of Quantifiers as a Complexity Measure Fagin, Ronald et al. 2022
6 Computing Permanents and Counting Hamiltonian Cycles by Listing Dissimilar Vectors Björklund, Andreas et al. 2019
7 Solving Systems of Polynomial Equations over GF(2) by a Parity-Counting Self-Reduction Björklund, Andreas et al. 2019
8 Generalized Kakeya Sets for Polynomial Evaluation and Faster Computation of Fermionants Björklund, Andreas et al. 2018
9 Theory and Practice of SAT Solving (Dagstuhl Seminar 15171) Biere, Armin et al. 2015
10 Exponential Algorithms: Algorithms and Complexity Beyond Polynomial Time (Dagstuhl Seminar 13331) Husfeldt, Thore et al. 2013
11 Alternation-Trading Proofs, Linear Programming, and Lower Bounds Williams, Ryan 2010
12 08431 Open Problems -- Moderately Exponential Time Algorithms Fomin, Fedor V. et al. 2008
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