No. Title Author Year
1 Strongly Linearizable Linked List and Queue Hwang, Steven Munsu et al. 2022
2 Space Lower Bounds for the Signal Detection Problem Ellen, Faith et al. 2019
3 Allocate-On-Use Space Complexity of Shared-Memory Algorithms Aspnes, James et al. 2018
4 An Almost Tight RMR Lower Bound for Abortable Test-And-Set Eghbali, Aryaz et al. 2018
5 An Improved Bound for Random Binary Search Trees with Concurrent Insertions Giakkoupis, George et al. 2018
6 Low Randomness Rumor Spreading via Hashing Giakkoupis, George et al. 2012
7 Tight Bounds for Blind Search on the Integers Dietzfelbinger, Martin et al. 2008
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