No. Title Author Year
1 Fair Correlation Clustering in Forests Casel, Katrin et al. 2023
2 Solving Directed Feedback Vertex Set by Iterative Reduction to Vertex Cover Angrick, Sebastian et al. 2023
3 Dense Graph Partitioning on Sparse and Dense Graphs Bazgan, Cristina et al. 2022
4 Fixed-Parameter Sensitivity Oracles Bilò, Davide et al. 2022
5 PACE Solver Description: Mount Doom - An Exact Solver for Directed Feedback Vertex Set Angrick, Sebastian et al. 2022
6 Balanced Crown Decomposition for Connectivity Constraints Casel, Katrin et al. 2021
7 Connected k-Partition of k-Connected Graphs and c-Claw-Free Graphs Borndörfer, Ralf et al. 2021
8 Fine-Grained Complexity of Regular Path Queries Casel, Katrin et al. 2021
9 On Counting (Quantum-)Graph Homomorphisms in Finite Fields of Prime Order Lagodzinski, J. A. Gregor et al. 2021
10 Graph and String Parameters: Connections Between Pathwidth, Cutwidth and the Locality Number Casel, Katrin et al. 2019
11 Resolving Conflicts for Lower-Bounded Clustering Casel, Katrin 2019
12 Combinatorial Properties and Recognition of Unit Square Visibility Graphs Casel, Katrin et al. 2017
13 Building Clusters with Lower-Bounded Sizes Abu-Khzam, Faisal et al. 2016
14 On the Complexity of Grammar-Based Compression over Fixed Alphabets Casel, Katrin et al. 2016
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