No. Title Author Year
1 Improved Mixing for the Convex Polygon Triangulation Flip Walk Eppstein, David et al. 2023
2 Non-Crossing Hamiltonian Paths and Cycles in Output-Polynomial Time Eppstein, David 2023
3 Distributed Construction of Lightweight Spanners for Unit Ball Graphs Eppstein, David et al. 2022
4 On the Edge Crossings of the Greedy Spanner Eppstein, David et al. 2021
5 Low-Stretch Spanning Trees of Graphs with Bounded Width Borradaile, Glencora et al. 2020
6 On the Treewidth of Hanoi Graphs Eppstein, David et al. 2020
7 Simplifying Activity-On-Edge Graphs Eppstein, David et al. 2020
8 C-Planarity Testing of Embedded Clustered Graphs with Bounded Dual Carving-Width Da Lozzo, Giordano et al. 2019
9 Counting Polygon Triangulations is Hard Eppstein, David 2019
10 Cubic Planar Graphs That Cannot Be Drawn On Few Lines Eppstein, David 2019
11 New Applications of Nearest-Neighbor Chains: Euclidean TSP and Motorcycle Graphs Mamano, Nil et al. 2019
12 Parameterized Leaf Power Recognition via Embedding into Graph Products Eppstein, David et al. 2019
13 The Parameterized Complexity of Finding Point Sets with Hereditary Properties Eppstein, David et al. 2019
14 Tracking Paths in Planar Graphs Eppstein, David et al. 2019
15 Faster Evaluation of Subtraction Games Eppstein, David 2018
16 Front Matter, Table of Contents, Preface, Conference Organization Eppstein, David 2018
17 K-Best Solutions of MSO Problems on Tree-Decomposable Graphs Eppstein, David et al. 2018
18 LIPIcs, Volume 101, SWAT'18, Complete Volume Eppstein, David 2018
19 Making Change in 2048 Eppstein, David 2018
20 Optimally Sorting Evolving Data Besa, Juan Jose et al. 2018
21 Stable-Matching Voronoi Diagrams: Combinatorial Complexity and Algorithms Barequet, Gill et al. 2018
22 Square-Contact Representations of Partial 2-Trees and Triconnected Simply-Nested Graphs Da Lozzo, Giordano et al. 2017
23 All-Pairs Minimum Cuts in Near-Linear Time for Surface-Embedded Graphs Borradaile, Glencora et al. 2016
24 Cuckoo Filter: Simplification and Analysis Eppstein, David 2016
25 Scheduling Autonomous Vehicle Platoons Through an Unregulated Intersection Besa Vial, Juan José et al. 2016
26 Finding All Maximal Subsequences with Hereditary Properties Bokal, Drago et al. 2015
27 Listing all maximal cliques in sparse graphs in near-optimal time Eppstein, David et al. 2011
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